Find Your Target Market

Many companies make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. But this approach leads to boring and generic marketing, and products that are appealing to no one.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Once you’ve identified your target market, you know who you’re talking to. You know what kind of marketing to do, and where to find your customers.

After an introductory call to clarify your goals for your business, I conduct thorough market research to determine who wants to buy what you’re offering. This goes far beyond your typical demographics information (gender, age, income, etc.) to really tell you about the exact person you hope to reach. The end result will be a customer profile similar to what you’re about to read. You can certainly come up with a customer profile on your own. However, clients often come to me after having trouble narrowing down a large audience and are shocked at how much easier it is to create high-quality content with such a clear picture of their ideal customer.

Here’s an example, from the point of view of
an ideal customer for a marketing company:

I am a 36-year-old entrepreneurial, independent, creative woman who makes $78,000 per year. I have a moderately successful business and love my work. I have so many ideas for moving forward that I often forget to market the products and services I already offer. I often stay up all night trying to get everything done. My family is frustrated with me and I feel like I’ve completely lost control over my work and family life.

I keep coming up with new ideas that I hope will be successful because I secretly fear that none of my ideas are good enough to make me a big success. I wonder if anyone will ever want to pay for them. I never have time to even think about marketing my products.

It takes 10 times longer than it should to finish a project because I can’t keep track of everything. I get hundreds of calls and emails every day. I spend so much time handling them that I never have time to actually do what I do best—work on my new ideas. But when the project is finally finished, no one wants to buy it. My family is losing faith in my ability to bring in money. I spend so much time on my work and none with them, and I have very little to show for it.

I wish I were wildly successful. All of my projects would be completed with minimal stress because my team would be on the same page. As projects wrap up, they are marketed so well that I have a long list of customers just waiting for the release date.

My dream solution would be to have someone help me start moving towards a clear goal. I also need someone to help me come up with a marketing strategy so people at least know my products and services exist. I would then have time to actually work on my ideas AND watch them fly out the door, as people can’t wait to get their hands on them.

My family will be thrilled with all of the extra time and attention I have for them. They will be so proud of the “new me.” I will be extremely wealthy and satisfied. I will be relaxed and finally take vacations and go to bed early.

This insight allows you to have a clear vision of who you’re talking to when you create your marketing plan. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have anyone else as a customer. Your ideal customers may be 43-year-old women, for example, but 20-year-old men may also love what you’re offering.

The purpose of writing to your ideal customer is to prevent your marketing from becoming generic and boring. Too often, businesses try to market to everyone. This almost always backfires, because then no one can relate to your message.

Take Apple, for example. Who are they targeting? People who are young, trendy, tech-savvy, creative, fun… and the list goes on. Does this mean that older, conservative, logical types don’t like Apple products? Of course not! However, if Apple built its brand around everyone, then no one would be able to identify with them.

If you’re trying to reach corporate customers, don’t forget that all businesses are run by people, even large corporations. You want to reach the decision-maker in those businesses, not the entire business. Therefore, the same rules apply regardless of whether you want to reach individual consumers or large businesses.

If you’d like to take things a step further and incorporate your customer profile into your overall marketing plan, check out my Competitor Analysis and Marketing Strategy and Planning services.

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